About Me

From the very first days of my professional career, and throughout my time in the United States Air Force, I have abided by a work ethic led by conviction and integrity. My passion for computers and electronics has been demonstrated through my Web Design experience and Satellite Communications Maintenance experience.

I began my journey into electronics by building my very first computer; a Pentium 75MHz PC. From there, I explored the world wide web and began teaching myself HTML and JavaScript. I designed and ran a successful news website and forum throughout high school. In 2002, I was hired as a technician at DCTV, where I honed my electronics maintenance skills until I graduated from high school.

When it was time for me to attend college, I obtained employment as an independent contractor for HostingLA, designing web sites. This expanded my skills into graphic design, server-side scripting and databases. My experience with Linux also expanded greatly during this time.

In 2007, I enlisted into the Air Force as a Satellite Maintenance Technician (2E1X1). My first duty station was at Scott AFB, IL in the 375th Communications Squadron. During my three years at Scott, I obtained extensive communications maintenance experience on the MILSTAR system. In 2010, I received an assignment at Schriever AFB, CO in the 50th Space Communications Squadron. My tenure at Schriever allowed me to develop my management skill in addition to my technical skills, while working on the GPS system.

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Security at Western Governor’s University, with just 12 months remaining before graduation.


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