• Focused IT professional who enjoys hands-on projects that provide a challenge.
• Proven leader with the ability to build strong teams and motivate/mentor others to excel; able to engage team members across multi-disciplinary lines to meet demanding goals.
• Conceptual thinker who is driven to finish whatever he starts.
• Effective communicator with exceptional interpersonal and presentation skills.


• IT security assessment and development
• Troubleshooting to the component level
• Satellite communication systems
• Preventive maintenance inspections
• COMSEC, cryptology, data security
• Website design and development
• Contract supervision, award fees


• Web Development: HTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, graphic design, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash Professional.
• Business Applications: Windows, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Linux, MS Project, MS Visio.
• Networking: Cisco IOS, Linkway, VSAT Modems, Active Directory.
• CompTIA Security+: Specializing in network security concepts, tools, and procedures. Protecting computer systems from viruses, data tampering, and unauthorized system entry. Conducting risk assessments to identify possible security violations. Identifying threats and vulnerabilities, detecting intrusions, finding and fixing unprotected vulnerabilities, and ensuring that remote access points are well secured. Configuring security parameters.


WEBSITE DEVELOPER (2006 – present)

Designed, developed, and maintained websites, shopping carts, and databases as a contractor for companies and for personal use. Interviewed clients to determine site goals and requirements. Developed flow charts to reflect site layouts. Photographed and corrected images, and optimized them for use on the Web. Ensured that content was keyword optimized for search engines.
• Designed, wrote content for, and developed a personal website with a blog and connections to social media (
• Hired by in California to develop a website from the ground up.

AIR NATIONAL GUARD (Dec 2012 – present)

RF Transmission System Technician:
Transitioned from active duty Air Force to a part-time Air National Guard position using skills gained during military enlistment.

UNITED STATES AIR FORCE (Jan 2007 – Dec 2012)

Staff Sergeant, Satellite Communications Systems Technician:
Rapidly promoted from technical to supervisory positions during a six-year career with the Air Force. Held a Top Secret Security Clearance. Deployed, operated, and maintained ground and space-based satellite systems, wideband communications, telemetry, instrumentation systems, and related equipment valued in the billions of dollars, including switches, routers, amplifiers, antenna, and security. Managed wideband and satellite earth terminal facilities.

Contract Manager, Schriever AFB, Colorado (Aug 2011 – Dec 2012): Evaluated contractors, ensuring their work was in compliance with contract specifications. Inspected, justified, and authorized award fees for a $460 million contract. Served as liaison to contractors and other organizations throughout the life of the contract. Responded to issues concerning contractor compliance and provided support to program officer personnel and the contracting officer to recommend and resolve any noncompliance issues. Reviewed engineering change proposals for accuracy and completeness; advised system personnel and leaders on fix actions.

GPS Support Technician, Schriever AFB, Colorado (Aug 2010 – Dec 2012): Provided logistics support for $3.6 billion in space assets. Coordinated parts requisitions for eight Globally Separated Units (GSUs). Performed proactive maintenance data reviews of $25.2 billion in space systems, ensuring the accuracy of 5,000+ entries, timely inputs, and resolution of data errors. Administered the squadron’s preventive maintenance inspection schedules for 2,000 pieces of equipment. Monitored deferred/corrective action plans. Oversaw 25 emergency action plans. Enforced technical/security controls on communications and control equipment. Ensured the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems, networks, and data. Secured and managed a $20 million sustainment budget. Established training standards and qualified seven personnel. Pulled daily integrity taskings, reviewed maintenance entries for accuracy, flagged jobs that were open too long, and determined causes.
• Succeeded in raising data reliability rates from 90% to 100% in less than a year.
• Achieved a 99.6% equipment uptime rate, beating the headquarters system standard by 9.6%.
• Led a comprehensive analysis of seven GSUs. Discovered eight maintenance deficiencies across five GPS agencies.
• Managed the on-time delivery of a $5.2 million GPS upgrade project that refreshed archaic equipment at eight sites supporting 31 satellites.
• Formed a weekly teleconference that created a single logistics forum for eight GSUs.
• Piloted the flight’s safety program, increasing awareness of 29 staff members.
• Spearheaded job control evaluations. Monitored 32 personnel and recorded performance.
• Key member of the team that won the General Moorman Award as number one in the Air Force Space Command. Honored with the Communication and Information Award, competing with all airmen in the same career field.

Deployed to Afghanistan for six months in 2011. Operated and maintained two central SNAP satellite terminals providing phone and Internet services. Directed SNAP terminal tear down and setup, bringing 14 tactical computers online, expanding SIPRNet access, and providing secure communications to the command. Fortified a $100 million radar site. Managed a $1.0 million supply account. Laid the groundwork for the morale network and wired/installed 11 computers, increasing contact with loved ones from overseas. Coordinated 378 secure virtual meetings. Managed the COMSEC program—controlled and protected cryptographic materials and administered access programs.
• Ensured 100% uptime for base leadership communications assets.
• Identified a network system flaw, formatted the primary computer, made a system image, and used it to fix all computers in the system, cutting downtime from 48 to 1 hour.
• Reconfigured the network terminal and redeployed a $250,000 SIPRNet suite, ensuring secure communications for 1,500 users.
• Installed a $1.5 million tactical operations center, readied a friendly force identification system, and provided battle tracking for 14 provinces and 27 camps.
• Revived the section safety program. Presented seven accident abatement briefs.
• Contributed to the wing’s award of USSTRATCOM’s Global Operations Trophy.

Honor Guard, Schriever AFB, Colorado (Apr 2012 – Aug 2012) and Scott AFB, Illinois (Aug 2009 – Apr 2010): Selected for elite wing and base honor guards, supporting parades, burials, and formal military events.
• Presented an impeccable military image, promoted the military heritage, strengthened community ties, and honored fallen heroes.

SATCOM, MILSTAR, and RF Systems Maintenance Technician, Scott AFB, Illinois (Aug 2007 – Aug 2010): Participated in the maintenance of $5.3 million MILSTAR ground terminal and associated equipment. Managed the COMSEC program with zero findings during wing inspections. Ensured delivery of emergency action messages supporting the Commander in Chief, Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and joint C2 authorities. Maintained connection to a $31 billion, extremely high-frequency satellite network. Operated, inspected, and maintained portable ground radio equipment and base-wide giant voice alerting system. Completed all preventive maintenance inspections, resulting in 98% uptime. Installed security upgrades. Installed, maintained, and repaired transmitters, receivers, antenna, remote terminals, and communications system consoles. Reconfigured surveillance systems. Upgraded hardware and monitoring systems.
• Fixed a secure voice failure by correcting an operational crypto error in eight hours.
• Repaired a critical synthesizer, restoring headquarters emergency action messaging link.
• Created a disk backup system for five MILSTAR laptops, which prevented critical software downtime by 80%.
• Fixed critical satellite connectivity issues, rapidly restoring systems to online status.
• Identified and repaired a fault in the vital surveillance system, restoring the security forces link and enabling classified equipment updates to users.
• Led a crucial software upgrade and programmed key communication links, restoring 100% operations 12 hours early.


DeVry University, Colorado Springs and St. Louis
• Technology Courses Completed: Web-Based Solutions, Systems Implementation and Training, Data Analysis for Decision-Making, Principles of Web Page Development, Object-Oriented Programming for business, Requirements Gathering and Testing, Introduction to IT Security, Introduction to Software Development.
• Business Courses Completed: Project Management, Principles of Management, Global Business Issues, Introduction to Business and Technology, Computer Applications for Business, Data Analysis with Spreadsheets, Statistics for Decision-Making, Technology Society and Culture, Principles of Finance, Fundamentals of Public Speaking.

Community College of the Air Force, Maxwell Gunter AFB, Alabama
• Technology Courses: Advanced Computer Networking, Introduction to Digital Electronics, Basic Electrical Principles/Circuits, AC Circuits, DC Circuits, Basic Electronic Circuits, Basic Solid-State Theory, Transistor/Receiver Systems, Satellite / Wideband / Telemetry Systems Applications, General Maintenance Training, Multiplexer Maintenance, Systems Troubleshooting, SATCOM Group Maintenance, Digital Data Communications Theory, MILSTAR Organizational Maintenance, Satellite Communications Systems, Command Post Maintenance.
• Business Courses: Leadership and Management, Managerial Communications, Introduction to Maintenance of Management Information Systems, Principles of Management, Principles of Supervision.


• Airman Leadership School—Management Training (23 days, 2012)
• Contract Officer Representative—Contract Management (6 days, 2011)
• Defense Acquisition Program—Purchasing and Logistics (1 day, 2011)
• Train the Trainer (1 day, 2010)
• MILSTAR Advanced Organizational Level Maintenance (5 weeks, 2009)
• MILSTAR Organizational Maintenance (5 weeks, 2009)
• Satellite, Wideband, and Telemetry Systems Internship/Journeyman Level (4½ months, 2009)
• Basic Training in Electronic Principles (2007)

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